I’m Threza, a singer/songwriter residing in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Since June of 2010, I have released two albums and am constantly looking for ways to share my music with a broader audience.

I am living proof that it is possible to make your musical dreams come true regardless of age or circumstance.  I am entering the music scene after raising four children as a single mother.  In fact, I had already been a grandmother for two years before I released my first CD! My life experiences in love and loss and hope and healing are the fabric of my music.  The style of my music has a distinctive flavor and it’s difficult to categorize, though you might say it’s pop/folk/singer-songwriter with a waft of Celtic.  My original songs share a universal understanding and emotional depth that appeal to a wide range of age groups.

My debut album, The Light in your Secret was released in July 2010  My second CD, Call to the Sparrow, released December 2011, was produced by Mike Lent at 10th Street Studios in Edmonton.

16 Years Old, a song from The Light in Your Secret, was the very first song that I wrote, after the encouragement of close friends and an art therapist, who recognized my natural creative way of writing poetry to move thru healing experiences and expressing what I lived. At sixteen, my  family  was in crisis.  My Father was struggling to stay employed and my mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia and had to be hospitalized.  I  wasn’t about to let the ship sink, so I rolled up my sleeves and worked three jobs, to pay my families rent, while going to high school and doing many of the domestic chores my mother had done. In a sense, I ran away from my dreams of being a singer, to keep my family afloat. My dreams were too frivolous for basic survival.  I sewed my own clothes and took care of the house, singing to my Joni Mitchell album at the top of my lungs. While other girls my age were dating and exploring boys, parties and dancing, I was skimping every hard-earned penny to buy material to make clothes. Extremely uncomfortable in my own skin, and very overweight, I felt like a freak, to put it mildly.

Writing 16 Years Old was like opening a door to the creative, expressive, sensitive, songstress I had always wanted to be. It was like who I was at sixteen, came home to claim her place in the world, and fulfill her dream.  It was the beginning of many more songs to come. I then discovered that writing a song helped me resolve unanswered questions and move forward through the ups and downs of being alive. My four kids were growing up and leaving home at that time and finally I was able to put my time and resources into my childhood dream of being a singer! I  am currently recording new songs for a 3rd album.  Im extremely grateful for the people that have been touched by my music and continue to support my performances.


Singer/Songwriter Threza

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